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Increasing Home Sales Amidst Social Distancing & Model Home Closures

It's a challenging time for sales and marketing teams of home builders. To flatten the curve of the spread of Covid-19, most model homes and showrooms have closed their doors. We are forced to challenge the status quo of the home building industry. Showrooms have stayed the same for decades and often look like copies of one another. Meanwhile, home buyers have evolved to expect more technology-infused solutions such as 3D virtual model home design walkthroughs. Finding innovative online and virtual options to go beyond the physical sales centers is necessary in these uncertain times. However, having a way to be present in your buyers' homes will be the new future standard.

Seeing Is Believing

Real estate statistics show that only 10% of people can visualize the potential of a home. That's why many real estate professionals use home stagers to solve that problem. For many builders, there's even less to work with as in most cases the condo hasn't broken ground yet or model home options only reflect a small percentage of available layouts. Now with inaccessible showrooms, you have even fewer visualization tools to work with.

The fact is, we live in a highly visual world, buyers want to "see it" before they invest their life savings. In the case of new builds, staged model homes of each layout offered aren't always available. 3D model home designs are key to increasing the buyer's confidence and provide a memorable experience.

Designed to Sell

As builders, you know that design matters to the buyer. For buyers, imagining the look of their dream home is the fun and "sexy" part of home buying. Our design team understands what is trendy for first-time home buyers and knows the classic styles that downsizers love. We create your 3D model home designs based on your target sales demographic so you can get them visualizing living in the home.

Reduce Your Conversion Time

Often, the push back from buyers to agents is that the condo is too small or they aren't sure if they can make the square footage work for their family. Comments like, "can you really fit a dining table there?" lead to weeks of back and forth and plenty of convincing. Let us shorten the conversion time by addressing these questions early on in our 3D model home designs. Different floorplan and furniture layouts with real, sourced furniture that fits can showcase the versatility of a unit without much imagination needed on the buyer's part. 

An Experience that Wow's the Buyer

To really wow your buyer it requires anticipating their needs. Knowing that they need visuals to be confident in their decisions is the beginning. Many builders offer installation for cable and internet or they can provide movers for the home buyer. However, not many builders anticipate their buyer's main struggle once they hand over the keys. It can be stressful for the buyer, who's left with looking at a lot of work ahead of them. Organizing a new, empty home while juggling work and taking care of a family can be overwhelming on its own.

Imagine if you could offer your buyers an upgrade package where they can design their new home with professional designers while it's being built. So that when they move into their new home, they have already selected all of their furniture and know exactly how it will look through their 3D virtual design. On move-in day, they can walk into their new home, hang up their clothes and enjoy their home instantly. Instead of focusing on Tarion warranties, they're thinking about how excited they are to host that house warming party next week and show off their new home to their friends and family. To top it off, their designer upgrade package was financed with their home, rolled right into their mortgage. Now that is a move-in story worth sharing.

Send us a message if you're interested in stepping up your marketing tools and want to learn more about how we can help. We are currently looking for builder partners that are looking to grow sales and provide a unique home buying experience.


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