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Smart Dual-Purpose Rooms


In the last year or so, homes all around the world have undergone a process of adaptation and evolution. Today, as homes become the space where we spend probably most of our time, we run into recurrent challenges on how to manage daily activities with limited space, while also sharing those spaces with others (and keeping some sanity in the process). As designers, we have always aimed to create the perfect home to share, gather, relax and be comfortable; but nowadays, we must also consider creating the perfect space to work, exercise, entertain, play, and retreat.

Given that not everyone has a spacious house and backyard to expand to, we want to share with you a few ideas you can use when looking to create the perfect, smart, and multifunctional space that adapts to your everyday needs – regardless of the amount of area you have available to play with. Almost all spaces in our home have the potential of becoming something else. So, be aware of how often you use a space and evaluate other ways in which other activities can take place during the day. For your convenience, we have listed a few common examples below:

Guest Room/Office Space

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Most likely, in our current circumstances, your guest room is being underused. So, this room has great potential to become your daily work area. Murphy beds are a great way to open available space during the day and have a comfy relaxing bed at night. Available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, murphy beds can be used as built-in or stand-alone. Similarly, foldable desks on wheels are also a great option, as you can store them in a closet or under the bed when not in use. You can also pair the desk with a comfortable folding chair.

Here are some of our favourite smart furniture for your guest room/office and where to find it:

Closet/working station

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For smaller homes without a guest room to spare, closets are a great option to blend storage and working surface needs. Creating the perfect flexible space is about using the space you have in a smart way. If you can re-arrange some of the stuff in your closet (by placing them underneath your bed, underneath sofa, ottomans, etc.), you can make just enough room to have a small desk/working surface and chair to create a small, yet comfy, working area. For a more creative alternative, add an interesting wallpaper and some unique lighting.

Exercise room/Playroom

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Who said exercise can’t be fun? Ok, maybe not for us adults but certainly, for the kids, having a space to jump, run, climb and swing is a great opportunity to burn some energy. Now, consider that this same space can also be used for your daily workouts. A great way to create such an area is by storing your gym equipment in a smart way that is not dangerous for your kids and leaving the newly available space as a workout area. As an example, contemplate maximizing your available area vertically; wall surfaces are the perfect space to create fun, child-friendly activities such as wall climbing, while also serving as a vertical available area for workouts like TRX and rope exercises. You can also use ceiling space to hang equipment or ropes your kids can have fun with as well like swings and monkey bars!

Bedroom/Wellness & Reading nook

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Your bedroom is normally the go-to place to relax and have a good night sleep. But during the day, your bedroom can also become the space where you meditate, do yoga, or where you go to disconnect and read a book. A fabulous way to create this area within the room is to bring a comfortable chair, a floor cushion, or ottoman and accessorize it with items like a nice pillow, a comfy throw, a nice lamp, and a small side table to place your book, and (why not?) a drink as well. When you are not reading, and if you are into wellness activities, you can bring your favorite mat and create the perfect Zen atmosphere for yoga or meditation on one side or at the end of the bed. Keep handy a few accessories like lanterns and air diffusers that can help you relax (and also use them to go to sleep at night!)

Here are some of our favourite items to create your bedroom/wellness & reading nook:

Garage/work meeting area


During the day, garages have the potential to become the perfect quiet and private work area at home. Ok, we agree that maybe not everyone would like to spend all day working in a garage. However, for short meeting sessions where you need a little peace and quiet, your garage may just be the perfect setting. You can choose a small corner or side with enough space to fit a small folding desk and chair or have a standing surface to place your laptop, and use a virtual background for your video (we have some amazing options you can download here).

Here are some perfect options for space-saving garage desks:

Backyard sheds

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Yup! Sheds are now a very trendy way to create alternative and much-needed spaces at home that offers privacy and alone time. From "she sheds" (the equivalent of a woman’s cave), craft and music studios, to gyms, private offices, and even greenhouses, sheds are a great way to create a little space within your home. Available in different sizes and price ranges, sheds are the perfect way to utilize that free space in your backyard and expand your options of space available to use during the day and night.

Laundry Room/Dogwash

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If you are a dog owner, you are aware of the struggles of finding a nice and available place to give your furry one a bath during these days, as well as the difficulties of trying to do it at home. For the lucky ones, laundry rooms or mudrooms already come with plenty of available surfaces and countertop area that you can modify to accommodate a small pet washing station to solve this nuisance. You can complement the space by adding a feeding station under a cabinet and/or a pet's bed.

In closing, creating spaces with blended-use and purposes is great to re-consider and evaluate how you and your family use the space at home. Change the layout a little bit, play with what you have, and don’t be afraid to be creative. Just remember that if in the process you feel stuck and need some extra advice, we are here to help you!



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