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Shop the Room Like Hilary Duff and Anne Hathaway

Architectural Digest

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen some of our featured posts on Celebrity Homes We Love, where we give a quick overview of our favourites and chat about the spaces that inspire us, as well as the design processes behind them. We enjoy discovering how design is being applied abroad, which keeps us current on trends, popular brands, and new ways to blend styles. Of course, the sky is often the limit when it comes to celebrity spaces, so we're always amazed and inspired by what we find - we hope you are too!

This week we'll feature two rooms that we adore from the homes of the mega-stars Anne Hathaway and Hilary Duff. We hope this peek into these lovely spaces inspires you for your next renovation project, or for accessorizing your current space. From a cheerful, trendy kitchen, to a traditional countryside oasis, these lovely ladies’ homes do not disappoint!

Hilary Duff's Eclectic Kitchen

Architectural Digest

Eclectic and full of personality, this unique kitchen design makes a fun statement for those who are outgoing, bold, and love to capture attention. The tiles used for Duff's backsplash are a great example of a focal material which not only brings in a pattern but also adds texture and visual interest. The kitchen has a unique and creative vibe that creates a feeling of energy and excitement, which makes it a fun place to hang out! The backsplash is paired nicely with a solid cabinetry colour to balance out the vibrancy of the space, while wood elements bring warmth and comfort in. Fine details such as brass and black metals work in tandem to pull the room together.

You can shop Hilary Duff's vibrant kitchen look by pairing some of these items we've sourced for you below with a bold cabinet colour.

Here’s what Hilary had to say when chatting with Architectural Digest about her family's custom kitchen:

“When I was meeting with my girls at Life/Style, I said I want either mint green cabinets or, like, an intense blue,” says Duff. “But when we were shopping, we saw these titles, and I was dead over them. They are playful and vibrant but not over the top. Though I will admit, I had a freak-out when they were first installed. I was like, “Guys, I was wrong.” But there was nothing else in the kitchen, no hardware, no plates or bowls. They told me not to worry, to go back to New York where I was working. And they were so right. It all came together, and I am so happy. I feel like I went with something bold, and that’s a big part of my personality.”

Anne Hathaway's Dreamy Master Bedroom

Architectural Digest

From the lively, dynamic patterns of Hilary Duff’s kitchen, straight to the soothing and traditional master bedroom belonging to Anne Hathaway, who recently shared a tour of her Swiss chalet-style home with Architectural Digest.

The inside of Anne Hathaway's home is a cottage-like oasis, boasting warm woods and a combination of rich colours and vintage patterns. We specifically fell for Hathaway’s master bedroom suite, which is both earthy and robust without feeling cluttered and cumbersome. This comfortable room has soft pink walls that keep it feeling bright and romantic, offsetting the rich tones of the dark woods and stone fireplace. Natural fabrics and soft furs help to make the space cozy, while wood paneling creates texture and an elevated, expensive feel. The detailed paneled walls add warmth and character to the room and are easy to recreate in your own home with a quick trip to the hardware store for inexpensive trim.

Hathaway and her husband discussed how they wanted to add new furniture, layers of colour, and fresh texture to the space, while maintaining its charming appeal and respecting the home's original style.

“Hathaway and Shulman describe the allure of their picturesque property in terms of a love affair. “The minute we came up the driveway and saw this incredible panoramic view unfold in front of us, we were hooked,” Shulman recalls. Says Hathaway, “It was the ideal combination of romance and great design. Our initial instinct was that this was going to be a very important place in our lives. I could really see raising a family here.”

Take a look at these beautiful items we've sourced which are inspired by Anne Hathaway's traditional master bedroom.

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We hope you've enjoyed this peek into the design style in two of our favourite celebrity homes. Follow us on Instagram @whitedahliadesign (if you aren’t already!) to keep up to date on our posts of celebrity homes we love, tips and tricks, our current projects, and much more!

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