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Popular Colour Trends for 2022's Spring/Summer Seasons

Is starting to feel like spring, and summer is fast approaching so it's time to take advantage of all of the beautiful colours that are starting to appear in nature and get ready for a much-needed refresh! Whether it is changing accents and decor, rearranging furniture or a full design makeover, we can help you find some inspiration, so let's dive in and find out the upcoming colour trends for the season.

The Times

Before we jump in, let's chat about colour and what this means within interior design. Colours are typically divided into two simple categories: cool tones and warmer tones. Some cool tones include; blue, green and purple. When these are brought into a space it often makes you feel calm, relaxed and at ease. Some warmer tones include; red, orange and yellow. These create an exciting, energized and vibrant environment. With this being said, there are a vast variety of tones, shades and finishes that can change the entire look and feel of one single colour selection.

A colour trend is a direction and guide to selecting the colours that are going to be reflected the most during that year or even season. Therefore, colour trends can change selections we make, such as room decor, integrating accent walls within a building, furniture selections, and so much more. If you are one to stick to the trends then this is a great place to start looking for guidance.

Muted Neutrals

If you prefer a minimal approach when designing your home, then neutrals are the best way to go! These muted shades allow for a balanced and toned down scheme perfect for decor, paint colours and furniture. When muted tones are brought in, it neutralizes the pallet and allows the mind to wander in any direction. You can also build off a neutral tone, incorporating accent colours, bold patterns and natural textures.

Crate & Barrel

Now, if instead of working with tone on tone shades you prefer to inject some more colour into your neutral scheme, then this colour chart is your friend!. You can use any of these popular Benjamin Moore options and create the perfect and balanced neutral room. To find out more about how to work with a neutral palette, you can find some more tips and tricks here.

Benjamin Moore

Bold and Bright

Integrating eye-catching colours into any space can bring a fun and personal design style to any interior space. Some now tend to lean towards the brighter and more vibrant tones popular back in the 50s, which brings an exciting, energizing and inspiring feeling that people are not used to seeing all of the time.

Better Homes & Gardens Hommes Studio

A brighter colour palette can be overwhelming at first but combining colour schemes that integrate well together is the first place to start. A colour wheel or colour circle is an illustrative organizer that categorizes colours in primary, secondary and tertiary colours and is a perfect starting guide to selecting colours that will not clash with each other. When looking at a colour wheel, the colours that are direct across from each other are considered complementary colours. This means that they are the colours that will look the best when paired together. With this being said this does not mean that yellows and greens or blues and violets will not work well together. Here are some of our favourite best Benjamin Moore sellers perfect for a bright and bold palette.

Benjamin Moore

Soft and Airy

We have been seeing pastel colours slowly coming back, most likely because when you integrate softer, more airy tones, they bring you into a completely different interior design direction. Pastels are lighter and less saturated tones that soften any space and allow for more bold tones to be brought in depending on the season. If you are wanting to go with a brighter colour palette but are worried about being "stuck" or "overwhelmed" with colour selection, pastels are the way to go. They are easily muted and can be a fun starting point to integrating more colours within any room.

Love Property

Colour trends can be extremely interesting when it comes down to colour choices, that's why colour experts like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams select some of their most popular trendy options. For pastels, you can combine different colours or go tone on tone to add depth and interest. You can find some more tricks and tips when using pastels here. These are some of our all-time favourites:

Benjamin Moore

Colour Trends That Work - We Can Prove It

Here we show all three colour schemes in some of our projects:

As you can see below adjusting colour can make a vast change in the overall look of a design. The best way to go about designing for all three styles is to start out with neutrals and branch off where you feel comfortable. You can never go wrong with a neutral base and adding colour then becomes easy.

Neutral Palette - Design By White Dahlia Design

Bold and Bright - Design By White Dahlia Design

Pastel Palette - Design By White Dahlia Design

New seasons are the perfect excuse to redesign any space by celebrating new colours and trends that are starting to appear for the warmer months ahead. We hope we inspired you to push past your comfort level and bring new colour schemes and combinations into your living environment. If you're on the lookout for professional designers to help elevate your space feel free to visit our website and explore the packages we offer. We'd be pleased to help you with anything you're in need of!

White Dahlia Design Team



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