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Lighting Finds We Love

With the number of lighting stores and light fixtures we have available to us these days, it can be a little overwhelming to select the best light fixtures for your space all while staying within budget. Many style options exist to illuminate your space from floor and table lamps, pendants, chandeliers, and wall-mounted sconces just to name a few. Each option serves a crucial layer of light such as ambient, task, or accent lighting. Proper lighting can enhance task performance, improve the appearance of an area, and most importantly have positive psychological effects.

A thoughtful combination of well-distributed lighting from the ceiling to mid-room can bring your design style to life. Let us dive in and guide you through the many styles of light fixtures to suit your interior design style and budget, or just follow along for some bright inspiration!

Nam Dang-Mitchel Design Inc.

Table and Floor Lamps

Whether it's a table or floor lamp in the bedroom, office, or living room, these light fixtures add a fundamental layer of additional general and ambient lighting for the task at hand. Take a look at these functional and stylish picks we love and see how you can incorporate them into your interior decor. If you're unsure what your interior design style is, take our fun online quiz to find out!

Pictured: Modern Floor Lamp from CB2

White Dahlia Design Living Room

With 3 adjustable directional bulbs and 3 different finishes, this modern floor lamp is great for larger areas that require multitasking. Each bulb can be used all at once or one at a time. The perfect pick for this modern family room with its brushed nickel finish and sleek edges.

Pictured: Contemporary Floor Lamp from Ikea


A clean, neutral colour palette and natural recycled materials of plastic and wood form this simple yet traditional Japanese inspired design. This highly affordable lamp is suitable for your cozy reading nook, meditation space, or bedroom for that additional layer of light and ambiance.

Pictured: Modern Table Lamps from Urban Barn and CB2

Natural materials and an overall neutral colour palette is a true ode to the design elements of modern interior design. A great addition to any side table.

Pictured: Desk Lamp from Structube

Office lighting is key if you want to avoid that eye strain when working at your desk. This cute desk lamp with a gold finish and organic curves can add that extra contemporary touch to your interior design style.

Surface Mounted Light Fixtures: Pendants and Chandeliers

Amber Interiors

One of the best ways to complete a room is to add statement lighting. This can be achieved by using light fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers. Foyers and stairwells are often tall narrow spaces with voids that can be visually filled with a beautiful chandelier or hanging pendant. Furthermore, there are many important layers of light to consider when you're in your kitchen in order to be both functional and beautiful. Continue reading for some kitchen lighting ideas as well as more inspiration for other areas of your home you can easily jazz up with these light fixtures.

White Dahlia Design Master Bedroom

Look above at how we utilized this recessed (tray) ceiling by hanging this beautiful chandelier, it not only illuminates the room with general lighting but also adds a touch of glam and draws our eyes up.

Below, the bohemian style chandelier creates an ambience for the High Brow waiting room and emits a calming pattern on the walls. The lighting sets the tone for the client, forming a space that takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

White Dahlia Design Beauty Salon

When most people hear the word chandelier they often envision the more traditional grand ornate styles but simply put, chandeliers are light fixtures that hold a number of bulbs or candles. They can be designed to suit any interior design style, and the good news is that you don't have to spend a ton of money to have a chandelier in your space.

Pictured: Contemporary Chandelier from West Elm

This chandelier is transitional in that it can be used in both a contemporary or modern space. It's simple yet sophisticated and perfect over a dining table, or vaulted ceiling much like the image above.

Pictured: More Chandelier finds we love from CB2 and West Elm

Pictured: Foyer Chandelier and Flush Mount ideas


For foyers and entrances, opt for light fixtures to help visually fill that void. If you have a taller ceiling go for a large scale chandelier that can make a statement, and for shorter ceiling heights pick smaller fixtures or consider using a flush-mounted fixture instead of a chandelier shown in the examples above.

Pictured: Kitchen renovation

White Dahlia Design Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and not just a task space anymore, so it's important to have several layers of light such as general task and ambient lighting for entertaining guests.

Pictured: Clear Glass Pendants and Kitchen Lighting Ideas from West Elm and CB2

Pinterest, Nam Dang-Mitchel Design Inc.

Do you ever run out of space on your bedside tables, or want to have an overall clean look? Instead of using large bedside table lamps why not go for hanging pendants instead. An alternative is to hang a pendant over your vanity for added visual interest.

Pictured: Contemporary Pendant from CB2, Pendant from Ikea

Amber Interiors

The ribbed glass design from CB2 (right image) is great since it won’t show dust that can sometimes show on clear glass shades. We love products that are designed with our environment in mind. Take a look at how this bamboo pendant from Ikea (middle image) is utilized in this global-inspired bedroom. This would also work in a boho or eclectic styled space. The suede fringe chandelier from CB2 (left image) makes a statement by creating a focal point in the beauty salon.

Wall Mounted Lights

Wall-mounted lights or sconces add a unique lighting character to a room. They can be surface mounted or recessed into the wall for added effect. They can also create an upward glow not achievable with lighting mounted in or on the ceiling. Place them over or to the side of a fireplace to increase your focal point, over a sideboard, over your art and photographs, and even your corridors and hallways to achieve sufficient ambient levels. There are more ways than you think!

Pictured: Different uses for wall mounted lights (sconces)

Nam Dang-Mitchel Design Inc.

Bathrooms most of the time usually only have one central ceiling-mounted light fixture that often can't provide enough light for personal grooming. One of the things you can do is add sconces to both sides of your vanity mirror.

Lynde Galloway Interiors

Pictured: Sconces we love from CB2, West Elm, Ikea

Whether you want to improve the lighting in your home or want some home décor ideas, remember that having proper lighting can improve task performance as well as enhance the look and feel of a room. We hope you found this post helpful for new inspiration. If you need help with how to incorporate the best light fixtures for your budget and interior design style, we offer personalized services through our online interior design packages. The great thing is that we'll show you exactly what will work in your space according to your budget and inspiration images. If you drew inspiration from some of these ideas and tips make sure to subscribe down below for future posts!



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