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Interior Design Trends Around the World: Warm and Welcoming Arabian Styles


It is week five of our journey dedicated to the discovery and appreciation of the many wonderful and inspiring design trends across the globe! Although we have not yet visited North Africa, we have plans to do so this upcoming winter. Therefore, in our anticipation, we have begun studying the design adventures we will uncover! We welcome you to join us as we delve into the historical and ornate design style of Arabian North Africa, which harmoniously blends unique elements from countries such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, among others.

It is distinguishable by its traditional architectural elements such as ornamented columns, rows of arches, and the playful yet elegant connections between indoor and outdoor spaces. We see beautifully rich components borrowed from Islamic, Moroccan, and Mediterranean cultures, all cohesively balanced together with a dash of transitional modernism. Though each of these genres has its own distinct characteristics, they come together in a bold way to create something wholly unique and different.

Let’s explore!

Use of Textiles


Arabian North African interiors are very often characterized by the skillful application of textiles into the rooms. These fabrics are rich and ornamental and used all throughout spaces for an elevated feel. From Persian rugs to an abundance of pillows, draped silks, lampshades, and wall prints. All these items are beautiful and contribute to the room’s décor and add a luxurious feel, while also providing functional comfort.

Have fun looking for unique vintage Moroccan rugs, brightly patterned accent pillows hand-made from natural fibers, or motif wall baskets to enhance your space and give it a more Arabian North African feel!

Sense of Luxe

Hariri Home Vista Buzz

There is an elevated and luxurious look to Arabic spaces. The architectural details and high ceilings add to their extravagance and beauty. It is all about creating a welcoming experience for the hosts, guests, and service staff alike. To incorporate the luxuriousness of Arabian North African interior design into your space, consider beautifully polished tiles applied in purposeful and intricate patterns, and incorporate beautiful textiles and rich coloured furniture.

Colour Schemes

Benjamin Moore

Colour palettes of Arabian North African design are full of bright yet naturally pigmented colours. We see warm earth tones and a variety of neutral colours that complement one another. All the colours pair well with the natural woods and stone seen in homes. For a warm and classic look, choose oranges, yellows, and pops of terracotta, or for a bright and breezy feel choose emeralds and turquoise paints. Natural elements and colours can also be added in the form of wicker furniture and stained glass.

Space Layout

Travel Plus Style - Riad de Tarabel

In Arabian North African spaces, particularly in Arabic households, there is ample value placed on gathering together and sharing space with family and friends. Partaking in a meal or a conversation and spending time together requires well-thought-out space planning to optimize areas that foster closeness. Taking extra care when arranging living rooms, outdoor patios and terraces is a must in providing comfortable and friendly areas that invite conversations and connection. Adding comfortable and inviting furniture placed intimately invites people to gather, talk and share. Cozy lighting and comfy pillows help too!

Modern Arabesque

Design Arch

Modern arabesque is an ancient Islamic art motif that utilizes naturally inspired, repeating shapes to create beautiful patterns and designs. Highly influenced by Moroccan patterns, you can see variations of this shape within architectural elements such as window openings, arches, and doorways. The arabesque pattern is undeniably associated with Arabian North African design, and it can be modernized by choosing to apply it in more monotone colour schemes.

Ways to add this dynamic and historical feature to your space are through floor and wall tile, textiles, and art pieces. It is also seen applied on ceilings, decorative lanterns, or even on accent furniture pieces.


Home Adore

Lighting is a major decorative element in Arabic design and it is a beautiful way to adorn your space. Good lighting adds visual interest and can differentiate active spaces from the more calm and relaxed ones. Through the strategic use of light and shadow, one can add a sense of luxury and drama to a room. In Arabian North African interior design, we see intricate floor lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers, all used to elevate spaces and create a lavish aesthetic.

Try choosing a lamp made of lustrous metals with a cut-out arabesque pattern. The light that passes through the cut-outs cast shadows for added charm and warmth.

Get the design!

Do you like these ideas? We have put together some items to create your perfect Arabian paradise at home! All items are available for purchase on our website.

We love seeing the Arabian/North African design style become more and more present in western spaces. It is no wonder it is gaining popularity in a modernized way with how well it can add luxury, warmth, culture, and personality into our homes. We look forward to bringing you more design samples and tips after our upcoming winter design inspiration trip!

Best of luck with your design projects!

White Dahlia Design Team



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