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Interior Design Trends Around the World: Romance in Modern France

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Welcome back to our exploration of Interior Design Trends Around the World! Our fourth instalment features the sophistication of modern French design. We will explore this eclectic design style, which was greatly influenced by iconic, classical roots in the Baroque, Rococo, and Roman styles. With a minimal and contemporary twist, modern French design delightfully combines the old world with the new, creating unique and elegant interiors which are both romantic and timeless.

Let’s delve into the many ways to introduce the modern French look into your space!

The Spark

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Nothing embodies luxury quite like gold - it adds that spark of glamour and wealth into your home. The modern French style weaves gold touches into a room to elevate its design, whilst also paying homage to its timeless and classical roots.

Add a touch of elegance to a space by incorporating gold pops of colour through floor lamps, wall sconces, dining chairs, plumbing fixtures, or various décor and accessory pieces. The diverse materials create interesting focal points and generate the desired feeling of extravagance.

Rich Colours

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It's common to see light hues and shades of white in modern French design. There's an elegant minimalism in the airy whites and neutral colours that create the muted backdrop of the Parisian style which allows the art and furniture to shine. However, modern French design invites us to also experiment with bold colours to make a fun and unique statement. Think about using a colour palette of rich charcoals, and deep yellows, blues, and emerald greens.

Pro Tip: If you want to go bold with a furniture piece, we recommend a unique velvet sofa in a fun colour!

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It’s All in the Details

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What sets modern French design apart from many other styles is its attention to detail and use of beautiful architectural forms. These stylistic devices are commonly seen in mouldings, ceiling details, wall panelling, and millwork to create texture and a visual point of interest. If you’re looking to add luxury and elegance to your space, try applying wainscoting or thick specialty trim to your walls. These details are a wonderful way to add a custom, original look to your home.

The classic, extravagant shapes and patterns of modern French design are often inspired by nature and are usually painted one colour to add cohesiveness to the intricate detailing. Create a focal point in your room by adding a bold furniture piece with animal legs or botanical patterns. The fireplace is also a point of interest in the room and is the perfect place to add some motifs!

An Eclectic Aesthetic

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Due to its numerous historical influences, the modern French design often feels eclectic and varied. It can therefore be exciting to pull in a wide variety of décor and accessories when decorating your space. Styling your home should be fun and allow for freedom of expression, especially when thrifting or searching for antiques. Consider adding rustic furniture pieces or statement ceiling lights such as chandeliers and pendants. If you’re feeling inspired, why not look for a unique animal print or wallpaper to add that eclectic flare.

It's important to remember the effectiveness of incorporating traditional elements into your space but remember to pair them with modern décor pieces to cultivate an overall modern French look. Hardwood flooring, French doors, or a beautifully crafted fireplace all contribute to achieving this signature style.

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The modern French style is easily recognizable as it is prevalent in different aspects of Western design trends. Whether minimal and simplistic, or bold and strong, remember that incorporating gold accents and luxurious textiles will foster an elegant and diverse environment in your home. Explore CB2 and Restoration Hardware as you cultivate your own personal modern French design.

Have fun with the endless possibilities and charm of modern French design!

White Dahlia Design Team



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