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Interior Design Trends Around the World: A Mediterranean Paradise

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We have recently started a new blog series inspired by interior design trends around the world, with Africa as our first post. In part two of this series, we will explore the beautiful and timeless Mediterranean style!

This style is a mix of traditional characteristics of Mediterranean homes with a modern twist; a focus on indoor-outdoor living, and spacious, open floor plans which reflect the Spanish, Greek, and Italian influences prevalent in this area of the world. When we think of the Mediterranean, images are conjured with turquoise oceans and vibrant flowers swaying in the breeze, all of which are mirrored in this style's design concept.

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Are you ready to explore the diversity of the Mediterranean design style? Let’s get started!

Inspired by Nature

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The ideal Mediterranean design focuses on natural materials and finishes. Its effortless, minimalist approach to decorating is steeped in culture from centuries of life along its beautiful coast. A key design feature in this style is the use of natural materials for furniture and decorative objects such as rattan, wicker, straw, rope, jute, linen, cotton, and wool.

Pro Tip: Introduce these natural, sandy textures into a space by using décor pieces such as pendants, planters, or coffee tables.

Curved Lines & Structures

The interior of a Mediterranean home is defined by its simplicity and understated vibe. This design concept celebrates the minimalist style by featuring timeless architecture and fine craftsmanship. Organic shapes, such as arches, are used in both structural and furniture design to create a relaxed and calming atmosphere. Incorporate arched windows, doors, or interior arched casings into your space to create an air of comfort and serenity.

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Pro Tip: Arched windows, doorways, or corridors are a great starting point to bring the feel of Mediterranean architecture into your space! You can also introduce curves into your millwork or built-ins!

Colour Schemes

Mediterranean colour palettes echo the shades found in the environment, from the blues and greens of the ocean to the warm yellow and gold tones of the sun. When choosing accent and trim colours for this style, select one of the following themes: warm and classic, or bright and white. Both colour palettes complement the wood, stone, and other natural textures used in Mediterranean interior spaces. The colour palette should be pared-back and full of shades of beige, white, brown, and terracotta.

Hygge Colour Palette by Benjamin Moore

The Enriched Earth colour palette by Sherwin Williams, or the combination of Army Green, Deep Ocean, and the Hygge Colour Palette by Benjamin Moore are perfect examples of this minimal and elegant colour scheme.

Textures and Patterns

A Mediterranean interior exclusively uses natural textures and materials throughout the area. The patina look is very important in achieving the Mediterranean theme. Allow natural imperfections on the walls to show through to add texture. Exposed beams, natural stone walls, and tile or hardwood floors create the perfect vibe for this interior style.

Though the Mediterranean style has a timeless appeal, it can be interpreted in both classic and contemporary ways. When integrating an older style of architecture with new décor, it’s important to embrace structural elements like columns or beams and accent them with contemporary décor pieces.

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This simple design concept is also highly influenced by Moroccan patterns which bring unique details to otherwise neutral interiors.

Pro Tip: Adding in a Moroccan rug or patterned tiles can create the perfect focal point in a neutral and elegant interior.

Intimate Outdoor Spaces

An important element in Mediterranean design is the blurring of boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors. Mediterranean homes aim to connect with the outdoors through balconies, patios, and terraces in order to enjoy the beautiful weather and views. These outdoor spaces are designed to be cosy yet inspiring to last throughout the years.

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It's also a great idea to incorporate some of the outdoors into your interior spaces! Add in greenery such as potted olive or lemon trees as an excellent way to bring an element of the outdoors inside. Also, try placing branches or simple dried flowers in a rustic vase to achieve a similar effect.

The Mediterranean design style is unique and exudes an effortless, minimalist approach to decorating. Its popularity and influence on different aspects of interior design make it one of our favourite styles.

We hope you now have a good understanding of the Mediterranean style and are ready to bring it into your own space! If you need guidance crafting the perfect Mediterranean design, feel free to give us a call or send a message if you need additional design advice!


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