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Inspiring Spaces Designed for Him

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As designers, we always strive to create the perfect room, home, or place for you and your family, but we are also aware that one specific design style may not be enjoyable or appealing to everybody. When we design spaces for families or couples, there is always a conversation regarding the different preferences in colours, décor items, space layout, etc. Most of the time it's defined by what “he likes” and what “she likes”. We totally get it – every person has different tastes and likes. But when sharing a space with your loved ones, most often the key is finding a healthy balance between styles and functionality.

National husband appreciation day is quickly approaching (April 17th), and this gave us the idea of writing this very special piece. At home, we normally like to (and should) have our own little corner; a room, or for some, an entire place that reflects who we are, what we like, and where we can find retreat and comfort, and for men, the version of this space may vary from person to person. This week, we have put together a quick guide divided into 5 different popular design styles that everyone can use to create that perfect room for him (making it a great gift on his day).

Let’s start!

Masculine Traits


In design, we have 7 elements that determine overall aesthetics and how a piece of work is perceived: form, shape, line, texture, colour, space, and movement. Each element has variations, and they help to create what we know today as the sense of feminine and masculine in design. For example, soft, light, organic, and curvy shapes and lines are normally associated with feminine and gentle traits; heavy, sharp, rough lines and shapes are normally associated with masculine ones.

These elements have been and are still being used in design theory to help shape the design of the world that we know today. Each design style uses and mixes these elements in different ways. Today, we will explore how they can be used to create the perfect place for him.



We know rustic can cover many things, but one main element that describes it is the nature of rawness. A rustic style finds the beauty in organic, handmade, and imperfect elements that are unique. Rooms with a rustic style for him include the use of wood, stone, and an earthy and warm colour scheme and texture, all aimed at creating a cozy atmosphere.

For a rustic corner within a room, we suggest a heavy chair with an ottoman; a wooden side table to place a drink and a book; a large floor lamp to add some mood lighting, and a throw pillow and blanket to add warmth and texture. Depending on the colours of your room, you may opt to go light or dark in the colour scheme.

We recommend using leather or faux leather to elevate the look. If the room is used as a workspace, then you can add a desk by a window close to natural light, or by a fireplace if you have one. The fireplace is also a great opportunity to add stone textures. For art and décor, we suggest themes like animals, landscapes, and vintage pieces. Great stores to shop for this look are Pottery Barn and Urban Barn.


Mad Men/Mid-century Modern

This very popular style, inspired by modernists of the late 40s and 50s, is normally highlighted not only by its unique furniture statement pieces, but also by jointly introducing lots of wood, bold patterns, and angled legs into the space. If you ever watched Mad Men, then you will know this design style is still very much alive today. To achieve this look, we recommend bringing a couple of statement chairs like the Barcelona chair, the Shell chair, or the classic Eames lounge chair with ottoman.

Add a dark oak side table, coffee table, and/or storage cabinets, with a few accents in blue, red, or yellow. If you want to keep it monochrome, then you can use black, white, and wooden tones, and use caramel or tobacco leather as an accent. Mid-century light fixtures offer a wide variety of styles, colours, and shapes, but if you want to keep it elegant, then we suggest using gold or black metal accents. Some great stores to shop for this look are West Elm, Design Within Reach, Gus Modern, and Rove Concepts.

Design Within Reach


Manion Global

The factory, historic, and vintage-like style is a more urban modern look. In an industrial designed space, you will find exposed brick, steel, metal, concrete, black accents, and worn-like textures and materials. The “warehouse” look showcases neutral tones for a more serious yet fun and unique vibe. You may think of “industrial” as a modern urban version of the rustic style.

We suggest using leather or faux leather for seating; metal and wood for tables; black metal lighting with exposed bulbs; exposed and open storage with statement décor pieces, and if you don’t have an actual brick or concrete wall, then we suggest using textured wallpaper. This style doesn’t use much colour, but if you want to add some, keep it in the rusty reds and yellows, or faded blues and greens. Leathers and furs are also great to add some depth and texture to your chairs, sofas, or bed. Some great stores to shop for this look are Urban Barn and All Modern.

Extra Space Storage

Basic Yet Functional/Minimal

The Spruce

The mentality of having only what you need and love has become very popular nowadays – including in interior design. The idea of minimalism is based on having only a few key elements that are beautiful and functional, a neutral or toned-down colour palette, and no clutter (as everything has its place). Minimalism, therefore, focuses more on quality rather than quantity.

Highly inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese ways of living and design, the minimal man likes to keep it simple but in style. We suggest using natural eco-friendly textiles and fabrics like linen and cotton; light wood textures; décor and accessories aimed at enhancing overall wellbeing; a few plants, and neutral colours of blacks and whites, greys, with subtle pops of toned-down colours. Minimalists like their space light and airy with some statement simple pieces like art or décor items (but not that many) and the use of textiles and patterns that bring some warmth to avoid making the space look cold and harsh.

Some great stores to shop this look are EQ3, CB2, Umbra and Mobilia.

Homey Oh My

Sophisticated - Luxe

Ideal Home Pinterest

Achieving that elevated look within a budget is not very hard. By planning and having the key pieces, the right finishes, and the perfect statement pieces, we can easily transform a space into a hotel-like experience. The luxe style is all about elegance, taste, and classy pieces. You can achieve this look by keeping it neutral or by introducing bold colours, lines, and textures. Start by adding unique seating pieces with clean straight lines for a more contemporary look, and curvy, more detailed lines for a more traditional look.

Glass and stone for your tabletops are preferred, but not necessary, in combination with a nice area rug. Add lots of texture through the use of throws, and a mix of metals in hardware for furniture, lighting, and décor pieces. For walls, add large art and collectible pieces that provide a unique value to the room. The trick to making a space look expensive is having a combination of general and mood lighting, with layering textures, patterns, and décor. Some great stores to shop this look are EQ3, CB2, and Restoration Hardware.

Home Edit

There may be more than the five categories listed here, or there are probably people who like a blend of two or more. There are also important things to have in mind across all categories that may affect the storage required, or how the space is to be distributed – things like hobbies (reading, gaming, collectibles, sports). Just know that behind every design style, there is a life philosophy that the person feels attracted to and identifies with. As designers, we want our clients to love their space – even if it’s a little corner, an office, a basement, a studio, or an entire bachelor’s apartment. Book a free design consultation call if you need some additional help, or if you want to gift him an interior design package for his day.

Happy National Husband’s appreciation day to our men out there!

With Love,

White Dahlia Design



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