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Creating the Coastal Look We All Love!

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Now that vacation plans are limited for most, figuring out your summer trip can be a tricky business. The solution is simple - recreate the beach vibe at home! We love the coastal look because it's reminiscent of the sea, sand, and mysterious treasures that are washed ashore. This landscape seems far away as many of us have remained at home, but the coastal theme remains relevant and very popular. It is defined by light and airy rooms which are bathed in shades of white, blue, and natural tones to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The aim is to create an overall feeling of escapism; that there is endless time to relax and enjoy the summer. It takes more than blue stripes and small ships in bottles to cultivate the casual, laid-back feel of the coastal style, but there's no need to worry - we will lay out the basics to help you get started!

The Ocean as the Main Inspiration

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The aim in creating a coastal look is not only to bring the beach inside by incorporating sea-themed wall décor but to also look for inspiration in colours and textures. We naturally think of shades of blue and beige, but you can also introduce other colours such as coral or green for some variation. The coastal aesthetic works best when combined with styles like boho, rustic, or contemporary to create a more eclectic look. Feel free to include hand-made or vintage pieces, like a rustic mirror with a patina finish, to bring texture into the space.

Hemp Rope LampSailboat Décor Chevron Paddle

Swing with the Weaves

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Nothing signifies luxuriously contented indolence more than a hammock or hanging a chair swaying gently in a warm, ocean breeze. These furniture pieces are designed in a cocoon shape for comfort along with their soothing, moving features. Perfect for your outdoor patio, sunroom, or even interior, these pieces will become a focal point in the room and will also bring texture and colour into the room. Here are a few of our favourites:

Pod Hanging Chair Cotton Rope Hammock Wicker Hanging Chair

Pro Tip: Before installing any hanging or suspended elements from a wall or ceiling, always make sure you have the proper support required! The last thing you want is to damage your drywall and fall. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and add additional support as needed.



Taking your relaxing experience to the next level is totally possible with the help of a few key elements, and linens are one of the most important ones! To elevate your sleeping experience you should opt for colours and textures that evoke calmness and nature. You can go with all white bedsheets and some colour accents on the decor and accessories, or go bolder by bringing some tropical patterns. Cotton linens are our favourites due to their light and airy features, so you can complement them with wood, jute, sisal, and natural woven fabrics that bring in an artisanal, warmer style. For some additional tips, we recommend our previous post on 5 Fun and Simple Ways to Style Your Bed.

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The luxe experience also should translate into other rooms! It's important to also elevate the feel of your bathroom by using towels with an oceanic colour scheme. Remember you can explore other options different from blues like corals and greens. Use stripes and toned-down colours in combination with stone, natural fibres, and landscape art for your walls. For a bolder look, use a unique and inspiring wallpaper or a unique backsplash!

Fiber and Patina Textures

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Natural fibres like jute, wicker, bamboo, and grasscloth instantly conjure up images of ocean life. Texture can be applied to your room in a variety of ways: on the ceiling, chair caning, or window treatments and furnishings. Materials like seagrass, rattan, and sisal instantly give a space a coastal vibe.

While strolling along the beach, you're likely to collect shells and other items that catch your eye. This is your chance to get some free coastal décor! If you would like to incorporate the coastal style into your home, but don't want to purchase new furniture, consider upcycling your existing items. Once you're satisfied with the results, complete the look by adding a few nautically inspired accessories.

Rattan Lantern Sando Vase Sunburst Macrame Pouf

Create Your Tropical Oasis


If you live in the city, a lake or ocean view is likely not an option, but you can still incorporate some coastal tropical elements into your home. Bring a relaxed, beach-chic feel to your outdoor living space to create an ideal area for lounging and entertaining. Start by adding in some natural elements (faux or real) such as succulents, grasses, and low-water shrubs with vibrant foliage. Also consider incorporating palm trees, pine trees, driftwood, and dune grasses. This creates a lush, textured garden while requiring little maintenance. We know how difficult it can be to find good looking faux plants, so we have sourced a few for you:

The next step is to shape a softer, more inviting look by layering up! We recommend using multiple throws, accent pillows, and seating options such as chairs, beds, ottomans, and floor cushions. Add in different lighting options such as lanterns, cable lights, or a firepit. Layering in beautiful furniture and décor pieces will help to create an intimate and comfortable outdoor space. If you need some additional tips, we recommend our previous post on Creating a Dreamy Outdoor Space.

We hope you now have a good idea of how to introduce the coastal style into your space. Enjoy the vacation vibe and relax from the comfort of your home this summer! If you need extra guidance on choosing a colour scheme or furniture pieces, you can book a free consult call with us.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy staycation!

White Dahlia Design Team



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