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5 Must-Haves For Your Laundry Room Design!

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As designers, our job is to not only design beautiful rooms for you and your family, but also to create spaces that are functional and make your life easier. Laundry rooms are the perfect example of one of the areas at home that are often functional but not beautiful (yet!), and for that reason, most people keep them hidden. The truth is that, regardless of the size of your laundry area, it can and should be a room in your home to show off, and today we will share with you five ways to do it. Now, let's dive in!

1. Hide The Clutter

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One of the main reasons laundry rooms are normally kept hidden is because no one wants to see your hampers, detergents, hangers, etc., Most smaller laundry rooms have open shelving storage or no storage at all which causes clutter, exposed ductwork, and very limited space.

We love laundry rooms that incorporate open and enclosed storage units, giving you the option to display visually pleasing items like cute store bins, baskets, and or décor that can add some visual interest, while hiding the rest that's not as nice to look at.

We suggest having a combination of upper and lower cabinets and adjustable shelves that give you the flexibility to change over time based on your needs. Having cabinetry is also a great way to add some accent features and statement hardware to complement the look.

Pro Tip: incorporate extendable hangers that can be kept hidden for space conservation and tidiness. Keep them the same color as the rest of your millwork so it blends in nicely.


2. Make A Statement

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There are three great ways to create a statement design element in your laundry space:

Backsplash: you can’t go wrong with a backsplash. With hundreds of variations in materials, colours, finishes, and shapes, backsplashes can become the main design element of your space.

Wallpaper: as an alternative to a backsplash, you can also use an eye-catching wallpaper design. Go bold with botanicals or animals that are super popular nowadays. Just make sure you choose a wallpaper that is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Hardware and faucets: This is an excellent way to add contrast and spice up the look of your cabinets. From pulls and knobs to sink faucets, there are multiple ways to elevate the look of your millwork and sink. Now, if you have a small laundry closet and not much space to play with, we have a few very interesting, creative, and functional space saver accessories for you at the end of the post!

3. Vary Your Finishes

People often forget how creative they can go with various finishes in order to create the perfect look. Today a wide variety of finishes are available for cabinets and countertops such as:

Laminates: from wood grains to more natural-looking stone-like textures, laminates are a great and cost-effective way to add some interesting finishes to your cabinets and countertops. They are durable, easy to clean and some are even fingerprint-resistant.

Wood: as you may have noticed from our past posts, we love wooden textures! Butcher block countertops are a very popular option used in laundry rooms today as a cost-effective option to will warm up any space. It can also be left natural or stained.


Stone: if you have the budget to splurge, then adding a stone countertop to your laundry space will definitely elevate the laundry experience! It's also a great way to add some visual integration to other rooms in your home such as your kitchen or bathrooms.

4. A Colour Scheme You Will Love!

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Choosing a colour scheme for your space is always one of the most fun parts of the design process. A colour scheme not only glues the design concept together but also sets the mood of your design style. We find that clients often prefer a neutral backdrop as a base and add in accent colors with accessories. However, if you are wanting to be bold, we suggest reversing it and going bold with your cabinets with a neutral backsplash and flooring to balance out the look. If you are having struggles picking out a color scheme, check out our affordable Intro Light Color Design Package, where we will create a color palette for you!

5. Décor, Décor, Décor!

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As you know, the final touches through décor and accessories are what make every space look finished and put together. For your laundry space, depending on how much open space you have available, you can add a few décor items such as small plants, woven baskets, picture frames, pretty jars, stunning light fixtures, and a nice area rug that will finish up the look. Here are a few options we love!

Pro Finds For Small Laundry Rooms

Not everyone has the available area to have a designated laundry room at home. When you don't have much space to rely on, the key is on using the little space you have in the smartest way possible. Walls and doors are your best friend, and there are tons of options to create a functional, organized, and beautiful little laundry closet. Here are a few ideas:

Now that you have a better sense of basic ways to elevate your laundry room, go ahead and explore some of the ideas we gave you here. Winter is almost over and re-making your laundry space can be the perfect small project for home organization! If you get into it and feel you need an extra hand, book a call with us, we are always here to help!

- White Dahlia Design Team



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