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At some point we have all dreamt about what our home could look like if we had more space or more ‘stuff’, but what if all we needed was a new perspective? At White Dahlia Design, we fully believe that square-footage shouldn’t dictate your level of comfort, and quantity shouldn’t outweigh quality.

Sustainable Homes & Financial Freedom

Honomobo Homes

You don't need a lot of space to love your home! This guiding principle, is one that resonates with our founder, Gloria Song. On her bucket list, is to eventually downsize into a shipping container home with her husband and to one day create beautiful sustainable homes for her clients to enjoy that give them financial freedom to pursue their passions. She recognizes that size, beauty and comfort are not mutually exclusive. You can live a large life without a large home, and you can do so without being a slave to debt!

The Art of Minimalism

White Dahlia Design

It is not about how much you have of something; it is about being intentional with the items you surround yourself with. When furnishing your home, only pick out items that truly speak to you. If the items don't make you happy or don't have a specific purpose, put them back!

Are you a 'unsure shopper', someone who doesn't know what his or her home needs? Do you buy and return everything in sight because you just can't decide what will work in your space? Make a plan and only purchase items that you love.

Need help bringing your ideas to life? Our LIGHT package will provide you a cohesive look! This package is perfect for those who love to shop but could do with a little direction. Stop making countless trips back and forth to stores, and start finally enjoy your space!

If you have a small room that you just don't know what to do with, call us for tips on how to optimize your space without increasing your square-footage!


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