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Re-Imagining Interior Design

Furnish Your New Home In 5-Days Instead of 2 years

It took White Dahlia Design founder, Gloria, 2 years to furnish her first home, with countless trips back and forth to stores in pursuit of the ideal furniture and decor items to create her dream home. “There has to be an easier way,” she thought to herself, exhausted from all the running around. This dilemma stayed with her as she began to formulate White Dahlia Design.

When she investigated traditional interior design help, she realized the process included several meetings and in-store shopping excursions with a designer, taking up valuable weekend time. To top it off, it was not even affordable. Gloria just wanted to feel settled in her new home as soon as possible. This is a feeling many homeowners can relate to, so Gloria was eager to find a way to streamline the interior design process for her clients. At White Dahlia Design, she came up with a way to provide her clients with a 3D model of their newly designed room in just 5-days.

It's Your Vision Brought To Life

Beyond the stress of furniture hunting, there is also the added pressure associated with trying to determine whether those items are the right fit for your room in terms of size, function and style. Originally, people looking for design help were restricted to finding a designer with a style they could relate to, could afford and was available locally to help them with their project (kind of like finding a unicorn).

At White Dahlia, Gloria and her versatile designers make it their mission to satisfy any budget, style and need. They look forward to the challenge of achieving a client’s unique aesthetic, rather than just recreating their own style, so that their client’s home feels uniquely their own.

Her designers take the guesswork out of the home furnishing experience by presenting a visual 3D design up front, so that clients can visualize their future home. This way they can relax at home with a glass of wine while selecting their furniture from a highly personalized digital shopping list curated to reflect their personal style.

Affordable Flat Fee Rates:

Light, Stress-free, VIP

The average going rate for hiring an interior designer is $150 per hour, not including all the extra fees associated with client-designer phone, text or email correspondence. Perhaps this is why interior design is commonly perceived as a luxury service, since hourly fee can quickly overwhelm the average homeowner. Gloria wanted to eliminate this gap by bringing interior design to the masses. She felt that everyone should experience waking up in a beautiful environment, feeling energized for the week ahead.

She found a way to do this by creating a more efficient design process, where clients don’t have to pay for travel time, in-store shopping and lengthy meetings. Instead, clients are given the option to save money by being able to video chat and direct message with their designer, and assemble their own furniture to save on costs. This allows clients to pay only for what they need —expert designer advice and getting the right furniture in their homes.

Gloria was also tired of seeing designer fees creep up while design project were still underway. That is why she wanted to offer an affordable flat-rate structure that works within her clients’ budgets, so that they always know how much they are going to pay upfront to complete a project.

We’re Here, But You Can Be Anywhere

They use an extensive list of global online retailers, such as Wayfair, Elte and Snugglers, in order to provide options that work for anyone, anywhere. Although White Dahlia Design is a Canadian company, they harness the power of this tech-driven world, so they can work with clients located anywhere in the world.

Got an interior design related question or want design assistance? Don’t hesitate to reach out! White Dahlia Design has a happiness guarantee, working to ensure you feel truly at home in whatever space you’re in!


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