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Finding Your Zen Before The Holiday Season

The period between October and December is filled with chaos. For many families, these months include hustling to and from Halloween costume or craft stores, and investing too much energy in home decorating ventures. With Christmas around the corner, this period often triggers stress and anxiety for families. Homeowners find themselves in desperate need of a little TLC.

As a homeowner, how do you achieve this tranquility you ask? By finding ways to surround yourself with serenity in your everyday life. Here are 3 useful home decor accessories that can help you attain the zen you need to get you through the busy winter holiday months!

Statement Diffusers

It is easy to let the weather propel you down a dismal tunnel of despair. Diffusers and their pleasant, soothing scents can help you climb right out of this tunnel and emerge refreshed and ready to take on your holiday prep! While some can look quite industrial, there are some diffusers, like the one pictured above from, that can add a beautiful touch to any room! Talk about a statement piece!

Cozy Blankets

Warm oversized blankets are the perfect accessory for the coming months! They not only help you save on your energy bill, they also help you relax after a long day at work. Wrap yourself up like a burrito and cuddle up to someone you care about! We are daydreaming about this blanket, from Aspyn Ovard's blog. Save yourself the hunt —contact us today and will will source a similar blanket for you!

Ombre Mugs

What goes better with winter chills than a nice mug of hot cocoa, tea or coffee? Other than a nice warm blanket and a diffuser...nothing! Choose a mug that makes you smile when you hold it. Looking at something that makes you happy can help lift your spirits. These cute ombre mugs from would set a tranquil vibe in any home, so find your solace in a nice cup of Chai!

If you are experiencing the winter blues, or have recently moved and are frazzled with the chaos in your new home, contact us today! We can help de-stress your life by decorating your dream home within your budget!


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