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Jana & Darren just moved into their new home and wanted to put in their dream kitchen. They had a vision in mind but wasn't sure how it could work. Therefore, we brought their vision to life in 3D so they could make decisions clearly and avoid costly misunderstanding with their contractors.


The kitchen in their new home was very dated and small which was not conducive to their family lifestyle.

The door to the basement was off of the kitchen which they wanted to open up to expose the railings. This would make the whole floor more open concept and allow for them to expand the kitchen into the current dining room.


We expanded the kitchen into the dining room to create an open concept first floor.


The structural beams were left exposed to meld rustic and modern in the design. 


A narrow but long island was incorporated for casual dining and extra workspace. 


We opened up the walls leading to the basement stairs to create sightlines into the family room and create a more open space.


Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 22.33.01
Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 22.32.26

A bold blue shade was selected for the island to contract the neutrals of the kitchen to keep it from feeling sterile.

A smaller dining area was incorporated for their nightly dinners as a family of three. 


They rarely entertained dinner guests so we gave them more usable living space rather than a dining room that would sit empty most of the time. 


Packages Purchased:

  •  Stress-Free Package 

  • 2 hours of In-Home time for measurements and review

  • 2 hours of In-Store time for selecting backsplashes, countertop and colors

Time Frame: Designed in 5 days, 

Budget: $50,000 



Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 22.32.12


October 2020-27.jpg


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