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Working from home with three little ones isn't always a walk in the park. That's why both Vanessa and Peyton made it a priority to set up a dedicated space in their home. It needed to be a place where they could work effectively but also stay connected with what the kids were up to.



They had an open den area at the top of their staircase that had been sitting unused for quite some time. It was an awkward space, and they weren't sure how to make the most of it. For months, an old sofa occupied the area without much purpose.


However, when our team got involved, we saw the potential in this awkward space and knew it could be transformed into something both functional and beautiful.


Interior Images-7.jpg

Just a few weeks after we finished the design, their previously unused den was miraculously transformed into a shared office space for both Vanessa and Peyton. It quickly became one of the most frequently used areas in their home.


The once-awkward openness of the room now served a functional purpose, allowing them to keep an ear on their kids while they worked. We even included a designated space in the room where the children could color and play, making it a multi-functional and family-friendly space.


To maximize space and maintain an organized look, we incorporated a full built-in shelving unit along the back wall. This allowed for the seamless storage of toys and office clutter, keeping the space tidy.

We also integrated a designated kids' play area, making it convenient for Vanessa and Peyton to work while keeping an eye on their children after school.

In addition, we included a comfortable seating area by the window, ideal for reading over documents or taking short breaks. Having different areas within the office space encourages movement and short stretches, even if it's just for a few minutes, promoting a healthier work environment.

Package Purchased: Stress Free Package

Time Frame: Designed in 5 days

Retailers: Wayfair, Urban Barn

Cost Savings:

  • Vanessa and Peyton decided to take on the assembly and arrangement of the furniture themselves, following our 3D design. This DIY approach allowed them to allocate more of their budget towards acquiring quality furniture pieces that perfectly matched the design. It's a great example of how our 3D design visualization can empower homeowners to participate in the process, making their vision a reality while staying within their budget.

  • Opting for IKEA cabinetry for the built-in area and office desk was a smart choice that helped keep costs affordable.

Budget:  Approximately $5,000


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