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Andrew is the owner of Black Break Auto ( Formerly Gage St Automotive). His auto shop did not have a shuttle service and feedback was that shuttling back and forth often wasted a lot of time. He wanted to create a space that clients would be happy to wait in. Staying on a budget was very important so we found ways for Andrew to DIY parts of the design.




Andrew wanted to start attracting their ideal clientele of the many local tech sector commuters. The problem was they lacked differentiation from their competitors with a brand that was like every other auto shop in the city. The client waiting area was uncomfortable and uninviting for clients who were often waiting for their regular tune-ups. The waiting area was a small room with their staff lunch room in the back.


We created an environment that feels like as comfortable as your living room at home. With a work and wait room, coffee bar and a TV with Nintendo, client's are happy to wait for their oil change.



We drew inspiration from trendy co-working cafes to turn their old dusty lunchroom into an inviting "work while you wait"space. A sliding barn door was put in to make this room multipurpose as a client meeting space and a staff lunch room. 

We wanted to create a space where the nearby tech employees could drop in over lunch hour for a quick tune-up. A mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee area replaced the old closet so that clients can heat up lunch, work or have a coffee break.



Package Purchased: Stress-Free Package

Time Frame: Designed in 5 days, main furniture pieces all arrived within 5 weeks.

Retailers: Wayfair

Cost Savings:

  • We came up with DIY options for the barn door and shelving.

Total Investment: 

  • $5,000 (furniture budget)

  • 749 ( Business Launcher Package )

= $5,749

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 We work with partners such as Muuz Creative to give your brand an overhaul online and instore to grow your business.

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