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5 Cottage Must Haves

We know what when it's time to get up to the cottage, your family just wants to relax and find refuge in nature, without worrying about shopping for decor. That's why we have compiled a list of cottage must haves for you —so you don't have to!


Paddle On



First up on our list are decorative paddles. These colourful boards are the perfect addition to a blank wall, empty corner, or above a cottage fireplace! They come in many different sizes, colours and patterns, so go ahead, get yourself three 'oar' more! For tips on hanging these funky paddles, contact us! We would love to make the process easier for you.


Antlers & Clean Lines



How enamoured are you by this quaint cottage kitchen dinette? We know we are! We love it because it is beautiful and cosy in it's simplicity, without being overdone. Its rustic charm shines through with a few show-stopping pieces that tie everything together nicely. You can see this with the wood theme strongly making an appearance.


The hardwood floors, round table, decorative ball, paddles, and of course, the majestic hanging antler lamp, all work in unison to bring the beauty of nature indoors! Love the lamp as much as we do? Contact us and we can find a similar one for you!


Take Me To Muskoka



What is more synonymous with cottage life than a Muskoka chair? Don’t be scared to get a few colourful Muskoka chairs! They make the perfect campfire companions due to their sturdy and comfortable design. So lean back with a beer in hand, a view of the lake along the horizon, and leave your worries by the wayside.


Bucket of Fun



This bucket is fantastic for several reasons; it is made of durable materials, it is filled with, ahem, booze, and you can place it anywhere, bringing the party to you! We all know getting up can feel like a chore when you are feeling relaxed, so save yourself the hassle and invest in one of these. Your guests will thank you for it!


A Quiet Cottage Escape - A White Dahlia Original Design

 White Dahlia Designs


Cottage designs don't always have to be bright and lively. Sometimes all you need from your summer home is a place where you can find a bit of quiet relaxation. To achieve this zen, try using muted colours with warm, textured elements, such as these throw pillows and rattan chair! To see more of our designs, click HERE.


Struggling to create the perfect cottage getaway? At White Dahlia Designs, we love hunting for the hottest trends and bringing our clients' visions to life! Join our clan of happy clients and get your dream 3D design in just 5 days!






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