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6 Ways To A Tinder Worthy Pad

Interior design is often perceived as being a female dominated industry, but what people fail to realize is that there are great masculine/gender neutral ways to decorate! Just because you might be a bachelor, doesn't mean you have to settle for bad furniture. Here are six ways you can wow your Tinder date!


1. Whiskey/Wine Barrel Coffee Table



Just take a look at this coffee table, it has the best of both worlds —functionality and rustic charm. Invite the guys over for a game and some beer, or dare I say, whiskey. You'll never get them to leave. Even better, it might just be the conversation starter you need. 


2. Bar Stools Made for Kings

Three textiles naturally associated with masculinity are wood, metal and leather. The chairs above are both sleek and stylish. Do you want to catch stares from your enamoured guests? These stunners are the way to do it! Invite them to chill at your man cave bar.


3. Industrial Bar Cart Vibes



If you are hosting or simply don't have the space for a full bar, a chic bar cart is the way to go. The wheel design of the cart above allows you to move it wherever you see fit, bringing the party to you! Check out the piping on this bad boy! Sold? We think so. 


4. Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like Ali



If you are a boxing fan, you know that Mohammad Ali is the epitome of the sport. Let your style and interests stand out with some funky charm. A warm two-toned painting is one way to dip your toe in the wonderful world of art.


5. Feet Up, Game On, Veg Out



We fell in love with this epic couch when it was featured on Bachelor fan favourites', Sean and Catherine Lowe's Instagram feed. It sold out almost instantly, probably because it would make the perfect basement lounging couch! It's larger than life design is the perfect fit for Sunday lounging with your best (fur) friend or date! Currently, it is on backorder, but reach out to us and we can keep an eye out for you for when it comes back in stock! 


6. Pocket Pool Table



Who doesn't appreciate a multi-functional table? Answer: no one! This dining/pool table is the ideal transitional table for hosting dinner parties and shooting pool all-in-one night! If you always wanted a pool table but lacked the space for both, you are in luck with this sweet find! 


Stuck in a rut with how to design your space? White Dahlia Design is always up for a challenge. Get in the game —message us to get started!


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