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Celebrate Motherhood: 7 Nursery Decor Trends To Coo Over

Mothers are worth celebrating! She is the person who carried you for nine months —swollen feet, morning sickness and all— and brought you into this world like the warrior she is! This post is to help all the moms-to-be out there as they get ready to take their first steps into motherhood. We know this transition can be tough and nerve-racking; therefore, we have compiled 7 helpful nursery decor trends to make planning for the arrival of your 'peanut' a little bit easier. 


Woodland Creatures & Geometrics

This year, woodland creatures and geometric accents are popping up everywhere —from baby sheet prints, to framed artwork, to nursery mobiles. It is hard to even imagine them in their natural habitats! Pop a bit of fun into your nursery and get the ball rolling on your baby's education by teaching them about shapes and animals early! 


Change Table Gallery Walls



The beginning stages of motherhood are not glamourous. They are filled with crying, baby vomit, and many flying excrements. However, there are ways to turn the sparkle up on even those unpleasant feats. Installing a pretty gallery wall above your babies change table can really brighten the space and can help to take your mind off of the icky task at hand.


Try framing some inspirational quotes, funky prints, or bold accessories. When doing so, remember to hang the items high enough so that the baby will not be able to use those sticky fingers to pull them down!


Peaceful Birds & Oversized Wall Decals

 Instagram: Madelen88


Swans are known for their grace and beauty, but what they are also known for is the tranquility they evoke. Their presence creates comfort for growing, curious minds, so why not add a few swans, flamingoes or doves to your little ones nursery to settle their worries?


Oversized floral wall decals, like the one pictured above, are trending hard this year. If you are not a master painter just yet or simply do not care to muck about, don't fret. Wallpaper will do the trick just fine!


Scandinavian Vibes



Clean lines, sleek interiors —the Scandinavian style is exactly what the doctor ordered! You do not need a lot of 'stuff' to make your baby's room feel homey. All you need are some intentional pieces to complete the room. For example, these large bunny prints go perfectly with the black, white and mustard yellow vibes!


Bohemian Influences



Is boho the way to your heart? No problem! Your baby's room can be as free-spirited as you are! Hang some wooden accents on your walls, accessorize with printed animal pillows or some faux cacti, or even cast a beautiful canopy near the crib for that extra wow factor!


Expecting and crunched for time? You are not alone. Several of our clients were in the same boat when they first contacted us. They simply wanted to feel settled and prepared for their new nugget to arrive! At White Dahlia Design, our 5-day design guarantee ensures that you can focus on what really matters —your baby— and we can focus on bringing your nursery to life!


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