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6 Spring & Summer Interior Stunners

As the first signs of sunshine appear, your mind is automatically programmed to brighten to your surroundings. This feeling is often reflected in the spaces you create around you. This spring and summer, light up to these 6 riveting interior design trends!


Moody Interiors



Think rich, sophisticated pigments. Colours such as deep violets, navys, and emerald greens will make an appearance this season. While grey will still be a staple colour for some, richer pigments will take centre stage.


Marble, Brass & Geometrics



This season, you will continue to see a heavy influence of brass and marble in the interior design world. Find these styles infused in coffee tables, counters, or even in a funky lamps, such as the one seen above. Set it against a beautiful, bold coloured wall and your eyes won't be able to focus on anything else! 





Last year, cacti were all the rage. This year, make way for the mighty pineapple! Although the cactus is going nowhere quickly, pineapple decor will be standing at attention this spring. You can find this sweet, prickly, tropical fruit everywhere —from artwork, to accent pieces, to even knob handles!


Ombre For Days

Button & Sprug


Ombre is not just a hair-colouring technique! It is a technique taking the graphic, fashion, beauty, cake design, and interior design realms by storm! The gradual blending of shades from one colour to the next, adds a level of interest that fluidly draws the eyes upward. The ombre wall seen above, creates the perfect backdrop for sweet dreams, don't you think?


Macramé Flare



Macramé is a form of textile created by knotting materials, such as cotton twine, hemp, leather, linen or yarn, together. You can find this textile used in rugs, cushions, wall hanging designs, and even these beautiful bohemian style planters. Raw, natural textures are very popular this season, especially in interior design!


Check out our recent project where we added hanging planters to our clients living room, giving it that perfect finishing touch! 


Block Printing Designs



Do you remember those days in kindergarten and elementary school where you got joy from dipping engraved blocks into paint or ink, and pressing them down on paper creating the most perfect little masterpieces? Now flash-forward to 2018, where this technique of 'relief printing' is prevalent in interior design. For us at White Dahlia Design, seeing this trend reemerge is exciting! Playing with shapes and patterns can really modernize a space, without making it look like a child designed it!


Do these trends make you excited? This spring and summer, try infusing some of them in your own home! For design help, White Dahlia Design is only a click away!


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