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Our Top Picks for Unique and Affordable Furniture Shops in Canada

There are a wide variety of home furnishing and décor options out there, but with so many companies manufacturing similar items, how do you choose where to shop? When factoring in style, quality, price, and availability, the search can become exhausting! We love to keep up to date with new and exciting shops but have also learned through experience to trust our tried-and-true stores for our client's projects. It can be challenging to find well-curated shops, so knowing which stores are trusted by designers is a must!

If you are looking for affordable and unique stores, we've selected some of our favourites across Canada in lighting, finishes, décor, furniture, and flooring for your design needs - let's get started!

Brighten Up with Lighting

Montréal Lighting

Lighting can be a challenge and tends to get expensive quickly! For statement pieces that break the cookie-cutter mold, check out these highly recommended affordable stores for your lighting needs - they have the style and detailed product information you will need!

  • For a more custom lighting approach, Urban Lights in Kitchener could be perfect for you. They have been in business for over 20 years and offer a wide variety of options for both residential and commercial spaces. They also have in-house lighting designers that can give you their expert advice.

  • Montréal Lighting & Hardware located in Montreal not only has beautiful lighting pieces, but also offers a décor, hardware, and furniture selection. They have been around for over 7 years and they have a beautiful unique showroom. Plus, they provide a 110% price match guarantee!

  • Union boasts a plethora of elevated lighting products and has a huge showroom worth checking out located in the heart of the Castlefield Design District in Toronto. You can also visit the showroom on their interactive website if you happen not to be nearby.

  • Luminosa Light Designs in Vancouver curates their collection of products from around the world and has a knowledgeable team to help implement your perfect lighting solution. With a wide variety of brands and styles, we are sure you will find more than one thing you love!

  • Discover endless residential and commercial lighting pieces at Alberta Lighting & Decor in Edmonton. You can visit their beautiful showroom if you are in town or also make purchases online through their website.

Finish Off Your Design

Cosmaroma Fine Hardware

When searching for that perfect item to finish off your room, whether it's tile, backsplash, or door hardware, it's difficult to find items that last and live up to your expectations. The finishes in a design cover all areas and will be well used and visible for years to come. Finding an affordable price for these items allows you to save more to use elsewhere. These stores have a fantastic selection of finishes with high-quality standards and reasonable pricing.

  • Cosmaroma offers not only flooring, but also doors, hardware, stairs, and moulding details. They've got you covered with locations spread throughout Ontario. In business for over 15 years, they not only sell a wide variety of products but also have a team of installers and contractors.

  • Check out ADH Fine Hardware for luxurious door and cabinetry hardware in the Toronto and Montreal areas. They would also help you make sure what product is the right one for your space by including 3D modeling and revisions of drawings and specs.

Kick Up Your Feet with Flooring

Paramount Flooring Brodrecht's Flooring

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for durable flooring, look no further - we've listed some of the best affordable stores across Canada that specialize in quality customer service and installation. Check them out below!

  • If you're in Waterloo, check out the large selection of hardwood, carpet, vinyl, tile, and wool products at Brodrecht's Flooring Canada. They have been around for over 50 years and also offer an interactive showroom tour on their website.

  • Trusted in business for over 20 years, Carpette MultiDesign in Montreal offers quality high-end flooring and expert advice. On their website, you can also find a very helpful "how-to" guide on choosing and maintaining your flooring.

  • Toronto's Carpet Mill is a family-owned business dedicated to great customer service, and well-priced quality flooring of all types including laminate, hardwood, rugs, carpets, cork, and more.

  • Global Carpets and Hardwood Ltd. in Vancouver offers unique items such as custom rugs and cork flooring at a range of prices to help fit your budget, with professional installation and after-service support available. On their website, you can also find a very interesting blog where they post pro-tips on flooring.

  • Paramount Flooring is Edmonton's one-stop-shop for all things flooring. They are family-owned with a knowledgeable staff of some of the most well-known flooring brands.

Accessorize with Décor

Olive + Wild Tonic Living V de V Maison

There is no shortage of décor pieces online and in-store, however, it can be overwhelming to find unique, quality pieces that stand out for years to come. Finding items that express your style and help to create that finished, complete look can take time. We hope the following stores help to narrow down the options and provide you with an excellent selection of affordable décor items for your home!

  • We love the aesthetic of V de V Maison, which has locations in Montreal and Toronto, plus an extensive online shop for décor as well as furniture, lighting, and hardware. They specialize in vintage and industrial styles so we are sure you will find very unique pieces!

  • Tonic Living in Toronto is a fresh and trendy place to find amazing cushions, throws, rugs, and fabrics. The perk? all of their pillows and ottomans are handmade in their own workroom.

  • Browse Urban Barn if you're interested in cozy and rustic décor pieces with a touch of farmhouse. They started in Vancouver and now have locations across Canada. Take a look at them online for all things home décor which you can also buy online.

  • Olive + Wild is a locally-owned shop in Vancouver that explores local artists as well as international design. You can find items from different styles, making it the perfect spot to find eclectic unique pieces.

Make a Statement with Furniture

Design Republic Moe's Home

Furniture is one of the most exciting things to purchase and is a substantial piece of any space, but it can be difficult to find that perfect durable, quality piece to complete your look. Check out these options for all of your furniture needs!

  • Family-owned and operated for over 42 years in Canada, Snugglers Furniture in Waterloo offers well-priced furniture, with custom options. Most of their pieces are made here in Canada.

  • We mentioned V de V Maison before, located in both Montreal and Toronto, but we just love their selection of beautiful, on-trend furniture pieces.

  • For the mid-century and contemporary furniture lovers, this is the right place! If you are in Toronto, visit Design Republic in Toronto. They also manufacturer a large part of their inventory in Ontario.

  • Born in Vancouver, Moe's Home is the place to go if you're looking to curate a modern and stylish environment in your home. They have an ethical sourcing program which is great! Check out their beautiful décor as well.

  • If you are in the Edmonton area, you'll want to browse Konto Furniture for their contemporary selection of pieces. They are also committed to supporting the Zebra Center for child abuse in Canada by donating $100 from every bag chair sold online or in store.

We hope that these options will guide and inspire you in your current or upcoming design projects! Rest easier knowing that stylish and quality items on an affordable budget are available wherever you are. Enjoy your shopping adventures!

White Dahlia Design Team



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