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Go-To Nightstand Decor Ideas & Finds

This week we are keeping it pretty casual and will be rounding up a few of our favorite nightstand finds. But first, we want to go over a few of the ground rules for styling surfaces (for a more in-depth read, you can check out our previous post about shelf and surface styling!). As with styling all tabletops, the same rules apply for nightstands, so get your items ready for taking your bedroom styling to the next level and achieve a perfectly polished room. Now let's get into the fun bit on some specific design style motifs.

White Dahlia Design

Your Surface Styling Ground Rules

Just like in our shelf and surface styling post, the first thing you want to do is start with a clean slate. Make sure to dust off and clean whatever nightstand you're working with. Don't forget to make it fun and take photos of the progress to see the full transformation for your bedside table decor! Either work with your design style and add some oomph or keep it simple and work with just the necessities.

If you've got smaller daily accessories that you wear like jewelry or glasses (or earplugs if your partner is a snorer!) consider using a decorative tray to keep things neat and visually put together. If you don't have much surface area to work with, consider wall-mounted sconces or pendants hung just above for some added interest. Learn more about specific wall mounted lights we love here. Finish off the look with some nice wall art either mounted or leaning if it's a larger piece.

Pictured: Bedside Table Decor

Jenna Gaidusek Designs

Of course, all nightstands come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes, so remember to keep this in mind when you're rounding up items to style your nightstand. Also, remember to keep in mind your Interior Design style which will help you to achieve the look and feel you want for your bedroom decor. If you are unsure what your design style is, take our free online quiz to find out!

Pictured: Floating Nightstands for Small Bedrooms

White Dahlia Design

Pictured: Nightstands We Love

Wayfair (shown in design above) I CB2

Nightstand Decor Items and Tips

Nightstands can easily be incorporated into your bedroom decor and serve as a functional piece of storage. No matter what your design or nightstand style is you can use nightstands to store things, display meaningful items, and add task or ambient lighting. But other than the obvious, why not use your nightstand for an extra source to bring out your personality. Keep these tips in mind when your decorating nightstands:

  • Keep your regular night time items easily within reach such as your favorite novel, reading glasses, or earplugs (if your partner is a snorer!)

  • Add fresh greenery or florals to bring life into the room. Lavender and Aloe Vera are known to help with sleep and make for beautiful simple decor.

  • For extrasensory experience, add your favorite scented candle or diffuser with your favorite essential oils - again, lavender and eucalyptus for the sleepy win!

  • Let there be light! Add a nightstand lamp, pendant, or wall sconce for an extra light source.

  • If you're someone that doesn't like to go to sleep with your cell phone nearby, add a small decorative clock for decor and functionality.

  • Framed art or picture frames on your nightstand or wall mounted 8-10 inches above can really complete the look. Alternatively, add a mirror to reflect light from your nightstand lighting. Mirrors also help give the appearance of a larger room!

  • Layer and group items while playing with height and depth. Do this by creating an "A" or "L" shaped vignette (aka group your objects so that they form an "A" or "L" shape).

  • Incorporate your personality by showcasing keepsakes and mementos such as photographs or art. Keep it to a minimum - one or two pieces will add the perfect touch of interest without your nightstand looking like a museum!

  • Last but not least, step back to evaluate and rearrange or swap items if necessary according to your taste. Remember, it's not set in stone, so have fun switching things up every once in a while!

Have Fun With Your Design Style

This is where creativity and fun take place! Take your nightstand decor a step further and incorporate it into your bedroom decor style. Whether its Modern Midcentury or Bohemian Decor, it can be fun to play around with your design style elements and characteristics. Below are some of our favorite nightstand decor finds in some popular interior design styles in 2020.

Boho Dreams

With things kept more on the relaxed side of things, opt for natural elements such as macrame and yarn decor. Add an extra touch of glam with metallic and mirrored surfaces.


Pictured: Boho Nightstand Decor Items We Love

Pottery Barn

Mid-Century Modern Mood

These items should be kept simple, clean, and natural. Things are styles looking more put together uncluttered so instead of having your go-to nightstand items in disarray, opt for a modern table tray to keep things organized and visually appealing.

Cultura Colectiva

Pictured: Mid-Century Modern Nightstand Decor Items We Love


Industrial Vibes

Aim for items with a little bit of that rustic touch. And make a bold statement with each item including your nightstand table, lighting, and decor. Characteristics of the industrial design style mean raw, unfinished, and less tailored or put together.

we are scout

Pictured: Industrial Nightstand Decor Items We Love

Restoration Hardware

Scandinavian Inspired

Keep the overall look clean including your bedside table items. Add greenery and incorporate minimalistic decor and lighting. Black and white simple frames can be added for subtle interest.


Pictured: Scandinavian Nightstand Decor Items We Love


Transitional Style - The Mix of Old & New

Opt for a mixture of "dated" items and modern and contemporary pieces to get that perfect balance of the transitional design style.

the identite

Pictured: Transitional Nightstand Decor Items We Love

Urban Barn

There you have it! Simple tips, tricks, and our favorite finds for decorating and styling your nightstands. Stay tuned for more of our decorating tips, as well as our current eye-catching favorites. Got a design project? Book your free interior design consultation call with us!



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