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3 Key Elements When Designing a Kitchen

If you're thinking about freshening up an area of your home, why not choose the heart of a home, your kitchen? We know the design process can be overwhelming, and it's easy to get lost in the different styles and décor out there. The most important thing to keep in mind is the intended function of the space, to consider the flow and purpose of the room before selecting furniture and décor. Planning out your renovation early can help prevent costly errors down the road.

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We've put together some key tips to help guide you in designing your perfect kitchen - let's get started!

1. The Kitchen Work Triangle

In kitchen design, the "work triangle" is a layout where the stove, sink, and refrigerator are strategically arranged to offer the best functionality. What this means is the main appliances are evenly situated in an accessible "triangle" layout and aren't impeded by any large elements such as a kitchen island. Using the triangle method will help you layout the most convenient and comfortable kitchen in your home. It's a simple and easy method to ensure your design is efficient!

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2. Up the Storage Space

Storage is critical when it comes to the functionality of a kitchen. Before you begin your design, think about how much storage you'll need for your current items and anything else you'd like to add. Laying out the design for drawer and cabinet storage in a kitchen can be daunting, but careful planning for the use of each cabinet will pay off once your kitchen is complete. Cabinets can be designed based on your needs with drawers, shelves, or brand-new accessory options like these below:

  • Butcher Block Station - This pull-out butcher block has a garbage bin below for easy meal preparation and is disguised as a regular cabinet when closed!

  • Partitioned Drawers - These drawers are very helpful to neatly store baking sheets and cutting boards while keeping them accessible.

  • Peg Drawer Organizers - If you've decided to keep your dishes stored in a drawer instead of an upper cabinet, these organizers help keep your dishes in place when the drawer is moved.


3. Keep the Counters Clear

Counter space is always in demand in any kitchen, and it's easy to forget to factor it in when designing the room. A spot you thought would be used for meal preparation may also be used for a coffee maker or drying dishes, and you'll instead have to constantly move things around. When designing a kitchen, it's critical to lay out your countertop appliances and leave designated spaces for different work zones. Overlap may be inevitable based on the space available but try to work out which countertop areas are the most crucial for everyday use and keep those clear.

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The After take!

We love designing kitchen spaces for our clients and we wanted to show you some of our most recent work in which all 3 key design elements were applied. These 2 kitchen spaces needed a refresh and that's exactly what we helped do! While the layout stayed the same, we focused on creating a serene space that encapsulated our client's personal style while taking most of the advantage of the area for storage and functionality.

Before After

3-D Design By White Dahlia Design

The result in both cases was a more updated and timeless overall look and a spacious layout that better our client's lifestyles and available space. By offering customized storage solutions, we reduced clutter and improved functionality while also creating a more overall comfortable space to host and entertain.

Before After

3-D Design By White Dahlia Design

Building or renovating can be daunting, so we hope these suggestions are helpful in your design! If you don't have the time or energy to improve your space, we can offer support! As interior designers, we explore all the possible factors and work with you to establish solutions that are right for you. We want to take away the stress - it's what we do best, and we'll always ensure that your kitchen design meets your expectations. So take the plunge and upgrade your space; visit our website to explore the packages we offer, and we'd be pleased to support you with your project and ideas.

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