4 Back to School Basics for the Home

When September rolls around it can feel like a bulldozer just wreaked havoc in your home. Kids return from school with more energy, more bags and more supplies than they left with, often trailing a muddy mess in their wake. How do you better equip your home for this sort of mayhem? Follow these 4 back to school tips for your home!

The Magic of Mudrooms

White Dahlia Designs

We cannot say enough about mudrooms. Whether they are located off of the garage or by an entryway, mudrooms are a godsend when it comes to having kids! That is, if they are properly designed and organized. Storage is key. Having enough nooks and crannies to store your shoes, book bags, jackets and more, will honestly save your home come school time.

Check out our latest entryway/mudroom design for one of our clients above! Notice the ample storage for shoes, and the stylish overhead accessory baskets!

Dreamy Desk Designs


A bed or couch works fine, but from our personal experience, having a place where you can sit up straight is better for both the body and the mind. Having a desk allows you to focus better at the task at hand, without getting distracted by thoughts of naps! We highly recommend finding one that is comfortable and ergonomic. Does your child's bedroom not have a lot of space? Try one of these beautiful and compact foldable desks from Wayfair!

Genius Storage Solutions


Does your child or teenager have difficulties staying organized amongst all his or her books, notes, and school supplies? Invest in some handy drawer organizers! They can help them store and keep track of all of their essentials, without scrummaging through everything they own. We also love the idea of utilizing pretty pots as stationary holders!

Room for Individuality and Inspiration

Journey Design Company

It can be hard for kids to focus and study when their bed is calling their name. That's why it is important to make their study area warm and inviting. Liven it up with plants and little nicknacks that make them feel inspired! We love framing motivational quotes and placing them in view. That way, when they feel overwhelmed or unfocused they can simply look up to get that little push they need to succeed.

Don't let the idea of back to school stress you out. Your home can still feel like a haven, despite all the added chaos happening around you. Plus, decorating a room together might just make for a terrific weekend bonding activity! For more great tips and back to school home decor basics, message us! We would be happy to create rooms where you too can feel inspired!





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