5 Things We Learned In Europe

The past month has been a great adventure for White Dahlia where we were refreshed with new design inspiration from Europe! We decided to sum up our explorations into the French & Spanish interiors for you in 5 quick tips on how you can easily incorporate that European feel into your home!

1. Wow with wainscoting!

Classic or modern wainscoting adds class and elegance to any space, this style pretty much works in any room of the house. Whether you enjoy a classic look to your home, or a cleaner and sleek modern touch with simple paneling, this trend can add depth and texture to any room. A very French look is adding moldings on ceilings to add even more of an eye catching design element for the very sophisticated and stylish feeling. To get more bold with this trend you can paint the wainscoting or molding the same color as the rest of the walls so they are more discrete but still adds a bit of uniqueness to the room.

2. Off-white walls are here to stay!

Off-white walls were everywhere in France, possibly because they will never do you wrong. It allows you to play around with color through accessories like rugs and pillows that can easily be swapped as color trends change. We prefer off-white to pure white since it is warmer and therefore you’re less in danger of having your home feel sterile, treat it like a blank canvas and the accessories as the paint! No matter what colors you choose for your accents, or what paintings you’d like to hang up on your wall, off-white will give you that complete liberty and freedom to go more bold in your home with less of a long term commitment.

3. Boho trend keeps coming back, so get on that track!

There is something about the laid back nature of boho that makes a home feel cozy which is why it seems to always make its way back! We’ve seen it all over Europe this summer and it seems to be infused with a bit of an urban feel. If you’re looking to create a room where you can just sit relax and have a coffee while being surrounded by plush surfaces and unique things, Boho is the way to go! You can make your home feel like this by simply incorporating vintage accessories, colorful pillows and blankets and of course getting that perfect rug to pull it all together! Even better is to hang a colorful rug on the wall as art!

4. Don’t be afraid to be quirky!

We always encourage our client to bring out their personalities into their space. If you have a piece of furniture that you love but it’s maybe a bit out there, we always say find a way to adjust your home to better fit that piece. Your home should be a reflection of your personality, style and culture, not just filled with furniture from a cover of a magazine. The homes we loved most in Europe were the ones that felt lived in and told a story of its owners. If you need advice on how to bring out your personality in your home, we are happy to help!

5. Light it up.

Whether it is how natural light floods a room or the warm glow of a light bulb, lighting sets the mood or tone to your space. Look into unique light fixtures that can add a design element but also allows light through in just the right way to make a room feel warm. Finding the right lighting is the cherry on top to perfecting a room!

If you have a design problem or need some advice free, chat with one of our designers to get your questions answered. Don’t worry there is no obligations to work with us, we are happy to help solve any of your design problems :)





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