A Peek into The World of Interior Design in Spain and Portugal!

The next few stops on our trip is Spain and Portugal! Both countries share a divine love for the use of mediterranean-influenced warm colours and patterns that we like to call The Bohemian Escapade. This style is influenced by their admiration for colour and life, that shows an element of the bohemian tradition but with a twist of freshness and a hint of some joie de vivre. A diverse colour palette can be used to create this look, as long as the accent colours compliment one another and the patterns blend together, which can be harder said than done! Often you will see alongside these effervescent colours, wood, weave, and pottery as common accessories to complete the look.

The use of leather is eminent in both these countries’ main decor inspiration for furniture selection. The combination of leather and dark wood fires up that tuscan glaze, and charms a rustic ode to the mood of the room.

Designing your home in the spanish way allows room for creativity while staying in between the lines of design and class. It allows your designs to stay playful for a siesta party, yet maintain a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want a space to party and to relax at the same time?

Follow this trend if you feel like you want to spice up your home, or give your space a mediterranean glow! Feel free to call in for a free design consult and let us help you decide which route you want to take for the interior of your home!





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