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Get rid of the last of your winter habits and refresh your home decor because summer is finally here! So where should you start? It's as simple a colour tone change! No furniture upgrades are needed to keep up with this summer’s trends, just a few changes to the colours of your accessories around the house.

According to Vogue England, the top colours that have taking over the fashion industry this spring/summer are pops of zestful fuchsia, vivid yellow, and lush green. These colours have not only dominated the fashion industry but has hit the world of home décor by storm and we’re loving this new summer surge!

This trend is easy to incorporate with a few tweaks to the home accessories around your house. A quick pillow set change in the living room, an extra plant by the kitchen counter, or an additional decorative piece to your walls around the house, it's up to you to decide how you could take this trend to your space. Grab some inspiration from the following images and let your creative mind do the rest of the work! If you can’t quite figure it out or get it right? Get some free advice from our amazing decorators by booking a quick video call to show them your space and they’ll give you some great pointers!


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