It took White Dahlia Design founder, Gloria, 2 years to furnish her first home, with countless trips back and forth to stores in pursuit of the ideal furniture and decor items to create her dream home. “There has to be an easier way,” she thought to herself, exhausted from all the running around. This dilemma stayed with her as she began to formulate White Dahlia Design.


When she investigated traditional interior design help, she realized the process included several meetings and in-store shopping excursions with a designer, taking up valuable weekend time. To top it off, it wasn't even affordable. Gloria just wanted to feel settled in her new home as soon as possible. This was a feeling many of her new homeowner friends related to, so Gloria was eager to find a way to solve the problem. She believes there should be a way that you can furnish a new home, in your style and be proud of it fast than 2 years. That's why she came up with a way to provide her clients with a 3D model of their newly designed room in just 5-days and have all their furniture to them in a matter of weeks!




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